Safety gear questions

I am new to karting. I am going to get my 6yo son into it as well. Questions I have are on helmets and chest/rib protectors.

Per the 2020 rule book, it says helmets need to be Snell approved. Does that include Snell M2020D helmets? Is that rating ok for youth and adults? I talked to someone this past fall, and I believe we came to the conclusion that the SnellM2020D rated helmet was good for adults (hope this is true).

Do youth require rib AND chest protector? Or will just rib protection be ok?

Thanks for any feedback!

Welcome to Badger! Most series do require at lease a SnellSA or kart specific rating. I’m not certain about the M rating intended for bikes; however, I believe I have seen adults with M labels. If price is a factor, Vega makes an approved kart helmet for $100 and used equipment is usually available at our swap meets.

Kids do require rib AND chest protector. Also check out EVS or Leatt neck braces.

@dave1, thanks for the info! When are the swap meets usually, or where is that info announced?

Below is a link to the schedule, including the Swap meet April 17th. Due to Covid, this year the swap meet will be held at the track.

Hello Aegis0047

From what I can find at this moment Snell M2020D and M2020R helmets are not approved by the WKA. The D testing is the same testing standard that has been accepted for years. This should be fine, but WKA sets the standard we follow. I have an email into the appropriate party over there fore clarification.


Antonio Crivello