Please allow name change in discourse

By default the SSO provider sets the name to my email address. I don’t want to expose this email address publicly.

The current configuration does not allow me to change my name (not username)

Hi Matt - Your email address isn’t public, but I changed the settings to allow username and full name changes. Give that a whirl. If you’re talking auth0 and their database provider, yes, the “name” field they supply is your user name, but we’re not using that field to populate anything on this side.


Ok Chris, in english, how do I get my name to come up?

I changed it for you, Dave, but for the benefit of others:

Upper right corner of the page where it has your user avatar (mine is a “C”), click on that to get a menu. There’s a gear icon far to the right for your account settings. On that page, you can change your user name, full name, and profile picture. Picture of what I’m talking about is here:


Thanks Chris (need more characters)