Hello! I've been out of the game for over 10 years!

Hello all! I used to be involved with badger kart club about 10 years ago. My name is probably on the drawings for the track expansion. Not sure if it was ever done or not.

I now have kids of my own and want to get back into the fun later this year when life returns to normal. My kart is in rough shape being in a shed for 10 years. It’s a haas kart. It needs its master break cylinder rebuilt or replaced. New disc break. New water pump. Cylinder isn’t stuck at all.

What’s the go to shop for parts now? It used to be creative karting (old president owned it).


Phil Johnson

Here are some pictures from when I was involved


I also enjoyed, very interesting

Hey Phil,
Did you get answers to your post?
• Franklin Kart is the track’s local supporter and may be able to help you. They usually have a parts trailer track-side.
• Viking Kart Products (VKP) is still a Haas distributor (Glenn Ellyn IL)
• CKT racing engines (St Charles IL) for everything and anything karts, including custom machining.

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