Birel karts and Monza kart For Sale

Birel R31 with leopard 125 (Sold)
Birel R31se Chassis (Sold)
Monza M32 with Leopard 125 (Sold)
Birel ar29 with Yamaha KT100 jr kart (Sold)
Kart stands, (Sold)
Tillett XL full pad kart seat (New) $275
Rear bumper Black (New) $90
Mark DAdamo
224-343-7224![markiphone 023|666x500]

Hello! I was wondering if the Birel or Monza karts may still available. Any info would be great.

Thanks, Paul

Yes everything is still available you can call me if you would like to talk about the details


Are any of the karts still available?


Any karts left? Thanks

Yes all the carts are still available

How much for the package? What classes do they run? I’m new to this so any help and info would be great. I’m 44 years old 200 pounds and 5’9”. My 22 year old son will be getting into it as well he is 6’4” and 250 pounds. Would these work for us? You can text me back at 262-470-3272. Also we’re are you located and what are you asking?