2017 Ionic Edge Roller

Testing the waters to see if there’s interest in this chassis. There’s nothing wrong with it, and any of the newer parts on it probably have a month of use at most since I only raced it for a couple months.
I’m only selling because I have a tiny garage and space is tight.

Bodywork is in good shape and graphics hardly have any wear. The chassis is a 2017 Ionic Edge. It has minimal wear that I can see. The axle is 1.25" with .25" wall thickness. The seat is NEK carbon, and it fits me ok at 150lb 5’9". If anything, the seat is a bit too big for me.

-I installed new seat struts since the old ones were starting to fail
-I replaced both front spindles with new 17mm spindles since the old ones were quite beat up
-Chassis is straight
-Brand new brake rotor/hub
-Brand new donut style chassis protectors installed around the kart
-Includes two sets of Douglas spun aluminum wheels, and also hubs for both metric and US wheels

Selling for $1600.

*Does not include motor, Mychron, lead ballasts, or tires.

Text me if you are interested or have any questions (TwoThreeOne9120930).