Welcome to the new Forums

Looking forward to this new one.

The choice to use Discourse as the forum software makes me very happy. I am a big fan.

Also, Auth0 is a great choice as an authentication vendor. They are doing a great job.

What is the purpose of the change?

Yeah, Discourse is a major improvement over the last forum. Long story short, using DNN didn’t work out as well as I had hoped it would, generally, and specifically the Active Forum module was awful.

Dave! Well, the biggest reasons come down to the website is in terrible need of an upgrade and we want to start doing online registration ourselves instead of paying a third party like MOM or Motorsportsreg. The old forum was integrated with the content management system the website currently uses. It would be harder to update the website using that system than just rolling out a new page, but not using that system means the user account database and forums go away. So… we’re moving to Auth0 as an authentication provider because it essentially separates user accounts from the software we’re using for our site - I don’t want to say never, but you likely won’t have to create a new account again in five years when we have to update something, and we can use those logins for anything we want to do - like race registration or driver profiles or whatever. Since we’re going to lose the old forum, we might as well go with the best forum that’s out there currently, which is Discourse. There are a lot of features that I think everyone will like - you can, for example, reply to topics via email.