Merlin MR-28 Chassis with LO206

Kart was purchased this year. Since I’ve only owned it for a very short time, here is what previous owner had to say:

“Yes I have a mid 2000s Merlin MR 28. Which is one of the best chassis to have going in to sportsman. The chassis is one size bigger than a cadet chassis. An run runs 30mm Axle. Every thing one the kart is top self parts from spindles to all the bearings. No cracks or ever been bent or welded or cut on. We have won multiple races with this kart including 4 championships an ranked number one between America an Canada. Engine we ran an is currently setup as Briggs an Stratton LO 206, which has just been broken in.”

My son has done the 4 race days thus far and 2 practice days. I stayed on top of oil changes and have done it 4 times. All other maintenance work done at Frankin. Engine runs great, fires right up every time.

Excludes weights, Mychron 4 and front number plate, which I’m saving as memento. Everything else included. $2,300 OBO.


New price, $1,995. Get all your gear and go racing for under $2.5K!!!

Kart is no longer available - sold.